Live Dealer Baccarat

Live Dealer BaccaratThere are loads of Live Baccarat (Punto Banco) varieties available online that you can enjoy against a live dealer. Most software providers offering live casino games supply the basic game, but there is a handful that provide different versions of the game that can make choosing a game of baccarat a little confusing.

Therefore, I decided to compare all the variations of live baccarat and offer a summary of each game for your convenience, and included a recommendation on where you can play the game. The most distinctive differences between each of the games include the squeezing of cards and the speed of play. You also get a choice to play with others or on your own at the table.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to play alongside real players situated in land-based casinos, and find games where No Commission is paid on Banker wins. I haven’t even mentioned the wide variety of different side bets yet.

Top Live Dealer Baccarat Casino Sites

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888casino Live

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Bet365 Live Casino

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BetOnline Live Casino

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4th Live Casino

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William Hill Live Casino

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How to Play Baccarat

baccaratThe main objective of Live Baccarat is to predict if either The Player hand, or The Banker hand will win by displaying a hand value closest to 9. You will discover that the online version of baccarat will either use 6 decks or 8 decks of 52 playing cards. The most common is the 8-deck game, as it is slightly more difficult to gain an edge over the house if you’re a card counter.

The 52 playing cards are assigned different hand values. Aces are only worth 1 point, and cards ranging from 2 to 9 are worth their own face value. All Ten’s and face cards, including Jack, Queen, and King are worth 0 points. The hand values are calculated by adding the two dealt cards together. Should the sum produce a double-digit, the hand is given the second digit value. For instance, should the hand value be 14, the value of the hand will ultimately by 4.

The game starts with the Player position being dealt two cards and the Banker position being dealt two cards as well. The value of both the Player hand and the Banker hand are then calculated. Should either hand have a total hand value of 8 or 9, known as a natural, the hand closest to nine will automatically win the game and the round ends. Should neither the Player hand or the Banker hand have a natural, a third card will be drawn by the live dealer. The third card being drawn will be in accordance to the game rules and cannot be decided by a player.

ResortsWorld Manila

The Player hand will always be completed first along with the following set of game rules: Should the Player hand value display anything between 0 and 5, a third card will need to be dealt. Should the Player hand value be 6 or 7, the Player will stand. The rules for the Banker hand will be determined by the Player hand as follows: Should the Banker hand value be 3, along with the Player hand value displaying anything from 0 to 7, a third card will be dealt to the Banker. Should the Banker hand value be 4, along with the Player hand value displaying 0 or between 2 and 7, a third card will be dealt to the Banker. Should the Banker hand value be 5, along with the Player hand value displaying either 4, 5, 6, or 7, a third card will be dealt to the Banker. Lastly, should the Banker hand value be 6, along with the Player hand value displaying 6 or 7, a third card will be dealt to the Banker.

Baccarat Payouts and Odds

As you can see from how the game is played above, it’s a rather simple game, basically boiling down to a simple coin toss on which hand will ultimately win by displaying the highest hand value. However, there is an arsenal of additional information that I think will be quite helpful.

You will first need to understand the odds of baccarat to create a realistic expectation, and it’s vital to understand the chances of winning over the long-term. This will require you to know the following:

Betting on the Player:

  • The odds of you winning: 44.61%
  • The House edge: 1.24%

Betting on the Banker:

  • The odds of you winning: 45.84%
  • The House edge: 1.06%

Betting on Tie:

  • The odds of you winning: 9.54%
  • The House edge: 14.36%

Live Baccarat is basically the same game wherever you choose to play it online. However, there are loads of different variations, featuring different side bets and game options, that you will need to consider when searching for Live Baccarat.

Game Options

  • Single Player

    Single player baccarat is where only one Banker position and one Player position is available. Multiple players can wager on either position, but you will only be able to see your bet.

  • Multiple Player

    The table layout can accommodate up to 7 betting positions where several players can place their wagers on those positions. You will see your own wagers and the wagers of other players.

  • Mini Baccarat

    This is essentially the same as normal baccarat with one major difference. The betting times have been reduced to 15 seconds on Mini-Baccarat as oppose to the 20 – 25 seconds in a normal game of baccarat.

Side Bets

  • Progressive

    This side bet is attached to a progressive jackpot. You will be limited to a minimum and a maximum bet. However, you can win through several different hand combinations.

  • Pairs

    This type of side bet allows you to bet on the Player’s or Banker’s cards to form a pair. There are four different combinations available on this side bet.

  • Big / Small

    This side bet allows you to bet on the total number of cards dealt to a hand.

  • Player / Banker or Dragon Bonus

    You will bet on whether the banker or player’s hand has a higher hand value than the other. The bonus amount will be determined by the point difference between the two hands.

  • Sum Bonus

    This type of side bet will allow you to win when the combined hand value of the player and banker cards are either above 14 or below 5. There are also other combinations available in this type of side bet.

  • Tie Bonus

    This type of side bet not only pays in the event of a tie, but will also pay if it misses by 1. Additional odds will come into play if it’s a tie that will depend on the number of cards dealt, and of course, the number of the tie.

  • Egalite Extra Bonus

    This type of side bet can be wagered on individual Tie Bets. You can usually bet on more than one position. If the round doesn’t result in a tie, all Egalite Extra bets will be lost.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos

Below, you will find the best Live Casinos offering baccarat according to my own personal experience. Most of the live casinos offer the same baccarat game. However, there are slight differences in the game options as well as the side bets each of live casino offers their customers. I’ve basically summarised each live casino below but I encourage you to read a full review of each live casino if you feel that you need more information on the casino itself.

William Hill

William Hill CasinoWilliam Hill offers Single player baccarat and baccarat squeeze. You can also look forward to side bets such as Big/Small and Pairs. Evolution Gaming powers the live casino at William Hill and you will find a comprehensive collection of baccarat games played on dedicated William Hill tables. The live casino stakes range from a minimum of $5.00 and peak at a maximum of $10.000.


Bet365 CasinoBet365 offers you single and multi-player baccarat, mini-baccarat, progressive baccarat, and No Commission Baccarat. They further impress with a range of side bets, including Egalite Extra, Big/Small, and Pairs. Playtech powers the live casino at Bet365 and the stakes are less impressive at Bet365 when compared to William Hill.


BetVictor CasinoThe games offered at Bet Victor include single player baccarat and multi-player baccarat. Players can also look forward to several side bets including banker/player bonus and pairs. Evolution Gaming, as well as Extreme Live Gaming powers the live casino at Bet Victor and offers two separate live casinos where you can enjoy baccarat.


32Red CasinoThe games available at 32Red include single player baccarat and baccarat squeeze along with side bets such as Big/Small and Pairs. Evolution Gaming powers the live casino at 32Red and I’ve included 32Red for two reasons. Firstly, Evolution Gaming provides the most modern solution with their innovative baccarat squeeze game, and secondly, their customer service is probably the best in the industry.

Leo Vegas

LeoVegas CasinoThe baccarat games offered at Leo Vegas includes baccarat squeeze and multi-player baccarat. There are also plenty of side bets to look forward to including Super 6, Big/Small, and Pairs. What’s more impressive is that Extreme Live Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Lucky Streak, and Ezugi powers the live casino at Leo Vegas. I love the playing interface from Extreme Live Gaming along with the live dealer truly drawing you into the action.